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Annual, Sports and Camp Physicals

The necessary care you need, provided with amazing service and a welcoming atmosphere to put you at ease. 

In the state of Alabama, a high school physical can ONLY be performed by a physician. Therefore, the time slots may be limited to book based on availability of Dr. Mills. However, please call ahead of time if you need an alternative time and we can likely make arrangements for your physical!

We are also happy to provide an annual physical for adults. However, we do NOT provide exams for surgical clearance as we feel these require a more in depth conversation and history that is not appropriate for the urgent care setting.

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Why Sports and Camp Physicals with Mills Urgent Care?

Our sports and camp physicals provide checks, exams and screenings to make sure you or your child are ready to participate in sports leagues and all the various camp activities available.

Many leagues and camps require physicals to be conducted before being allowed to participate. Let us help you limit the risk of injury involved in sports and camp activities. We go above and beyond with our service to help you feel at home.

Sports and Camp Physicals limit the risk of injury from:

  • Sports leagues
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
  • Rock climbing
  • And much more

Mills Urgent Care Annual, Sports and Camp Physicals

Specific Services

Our top-of-the-line sports and camp physicals help you make sure you or your child is ready and in condition to participate in sports and camp activities through physical checks and health screenings.

Sports and Camp Physical Definition

Sports and camp physicals help ensure that your child is healthy and physically prepared to participate in sports leagues, and in all the activities offered at camps like hiking, swimming and canoeing. The goal is to help reduce the risks of potential injury to kids while away from home.

Importance of Sports and Camp Physicals

It is our absolute priority to help you reduce the risk of injury involved in organized sports and camps. Getting physicals before participating in sports and camps help is a crucial part of this. At our urgent cares, we go the extra mile with amazing service provided to everyone.