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Mills Urgent Care Services

The necessary care you need, provided with amazing service and a welcoming atmosphere to put you at ease. 


Performed at the discretion of the provider on site.

Acute Care Visits

Compassionate, efficient care from the provider on site. 

DOT Testing

Drug screens administered to employees in safety-sensitive positions. 

Workman’s Comp

Treatment for accidents, injuries, and illnesses suffered on the job.

IV Hydration Therapy

IV Fluid Therapy and B12

Annual Physicals

Helps prevent future health issues and catch current ones.

Sport & Camp Physicals

Make sure your child is ready and in condition to participate in activities.

Complete Laboratory Testing

Helps detect medical issues and keep you healthy.

Botox & Xeomin

For cosmetic purposes of smoothing out wrinkles, treatment of excessive sweating, and can help relieve headaches

STD Testing

Discreet testing to know you are safe. 

Mental Health

Diagnose and respond to any mental health issues.


Protect against influenza virus & tetanus.