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Flu season in the United States is typically in the fall and winter, but in some cases it can also extend as late as May. The best way to reduce your risk of infection and serious reaction to the flu is by getting your flu shot! Every year, many severe and even life-threatening cases of the flu are prevented because of flu shots. If you need more convincing as to why you should get your flu shot this year, take a look at our top 5 reasons to get your flu shot! 


1. Flu Shots Are Safe

According to the CDC, hundreds of millions of Americans have safely received flu shots over the years. This includes both children and adults, and even pregnant adults. Though some side-effects of flu shots can be soreness, swelling & aching where the shot is administered, these side-effects are usually minor and don’t last very long. The CDC also works with the FDA to ensure that flu shots maintain the highest level of safety.

There are some specific exceptions when it comes to who should get a flu shot, however. The CDC specifically states that children younger than 6 months old are too young to receive a flu shot. It is also possible for people to be allergic to certain ingredients in the vaccine, so be sure to consult your doctor if you suspect that you may be allergic to any flu shot ingredients before receiving your flu shot. 


2. Flu Shots Are Effective

Flu shots prevent illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths every single year. In fact, recent studies show that flu shots reduced the number of emergency department and urgent care visits by nearly 50% during the 2022-2023 flu season. This means that hundreds of thousands of visits to the emergency department and urgent care facilities were prevented, and continue to be prevented each year. 


3. Flu “Season” Can Be Unpredictable

While typical flu seasons take place from fall into winter, they can also drag into the spring, even going as late as May. The typical peak of flu seasons of late has been between January and February, so it is absolutely not too late to get your flu shot if you haven’t already. Because of their high rate of effectiveness and preventing severity of symptoms, it is important and worthwhile to consider getting your flu shot even at this time of the year.


4. The Flu Affects Senior Adults Disproportionately

The majority of flu deaths in America every year are in seniors age 65 and above. Seniors are likely more susceptible to severe cases of the flu because of weakened immune systems and an array of pre-existing conditions that can make the flu more dangerous. Because this older age group is disproportionately affected by the flu, it is especially important for them to get their flu shots every year.


5. Flu Shots Are Highly Accessible

Sometimes it can be inconvenient to visit the doctor, schedule appointments, and stick to a schedule. Thankfully, getting your flu shot is a quick and (almost) painless process that can fit anyone’s routine! Flu shots are regularly offered at local urgent care clinics, pharmacies, and even grocery stores that have in-house pharmacies. To make things even better, flu shots are free for anyone with basic medical insurance.


Flu Shots and Tetanus Vaccines With Mills Urgent Care

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