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Well Child Exams

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Why Well Child Exams with Mills Urgent Care?

Our top-of-the-line well child exams are here for you. We help you check up on your child’s health and make sure they’re growing and developing normally. It is important to have a well child exam provider you can call on. 

  • Physical exams
  • Tdap and flu vaccine
  • Discuss health & safety

Mills Urgent Care Well Child Exams

Specific Services

We are here to help with our well child exams. Although we are not a primary care clinic, we can do well child exams by giving physical exams, administer Tdap and flu vaccines, or addressing your concerns. 

Well Child Exams Definition

During a well-child visit, your doctor will perform a physical exam, ask about development and behavior, talk about illness prevention, nutrition, physical fitness, health & safety issues, and talk about how to handle emergencies and sudden illnesses. We do NOT administer routine vaccines or immunizations or perform growth tracking as our clinic focuses more on urgent care and not primary care. 

Importance of Well Child Exams

It is important to have routine well child exams. Let us help you check up on your child’s health to make sure their growth and development is healthy and normal.  You can count on us to treat your family like our family with professional care provided around the clock.