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Although many people don’t enjoy the process of visiting the doctor, the process of getting routine health screenings from your local urgent care facility has never been easier! By choosing to prioritize our health and seek out these common forms of preventive care, we can all do ourselves a favor and limit the risk of some of the most common medical conditions that negatively impact our health.


Cholesterol Screening

It is important for everyone to monitor their cholesterol levels through regular cholesterol screenings. The negative effects of having high cholesterol can be serious. Some of these include an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and more medical conditions. High cholesterol makes it more difficult for blood to properly flow through your arteries, which is what causes these health conditions. 

By getting a cholesterol screening at your local urgent care, you can help mitigate your risk of developing these conditions. A simple cholesterol test requires a blood draw that is then tested for different types of cholesterols and fats in your blood. Results are typically ready within 24 hours, or shortly thereafter. 


Diabetes Screening

It’s also important for everyone to be screened for diabetes regularly. This is especially true for those who have a higher risk of diabetes due to family history or lifestyle. With a glucose screening test for diabetes, which can be conducted at an urgent care facility, the entire process is complete in just an hour. This small investment of time towards monitoring your health is absolutely worth it when you consider the effects of diabetes going undiagnosed.

Undiagnosed type 2 diabetes can result in kidney damage and dialysis. This can also increase risk of heart disease and stroke. Be sure to do your part in protecting your health by visiting your local urgent care and getting a diabetes screening.


Blood Pressure Check

One of the key factors in preventing heart disease is early detection of hypertension. By getting your blood pressure checked at your local urgent care, you can take a great step in ensuring your heart is healthy. These blood pressure screenings are very quick, so you can get in and check your heart health without throwing a wrench in your schedule.


Mental Health Screening

One health screening that is commonly neglected is a mental health screening. There are a whole multitude of reasons why some choose to avoid getting a regular mental health screening, but it is important to keep in mind just how necessary they can be. Early detection of mental health struggles can help limit the severity of symptoms by quickly finding the right treatment for each individual. These screenings can be done at most urgent care facilities.


Health Screenings from Mills Urgent Care

Mills Urgent Care, Auburn’s local urgent care facility, can conduct a wide array of health screenings and tests on site, offering walk-in appointments and flexible online scheduling. 


It is important for us all to take our health seriously. Most checkups and screenings can be done quickly and without disrupting your busy schedule. Come see us today at either of our locations for a walk-in appointment, or schedule your visit online today!